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Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter

There are mixed opinions on this novel. I personally really enjoyed this novel, even though it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. If you think it will be a retelling of Alice in Wonderland I should say it isn't. Maybe  a little, but this Alice doesn't fall down a rabbit hole. There is no mad hatter. There is no Wonderland, not even something close. If you read this novel expecting it to be like Alice in Wondrland, you'll probably dislike it, which is why I decided to start this review off by saying this.


To be quite honest, I was expecting an Alice in Wonderland kind of story. However, the fact that it wasn't as well didn't really disappoint me. This may as well be because I prepared myself for some kind of terifying novel with horrible details on how the zombies killed humans, etc. This wasn't the case. By the way, if you're expecting this: it was readable for me, so it can't be that discusting. Therefore, I thought the 'discusting factor' was perfect, but this might be just me. 


I believe we are all quite familiar with the reading slump that has arrived in the bookish world since approx. September, which I have experienced as well. For me, Alice in Zombieland was the perfect novel to get out of this slump. The writing-style of Gena Showalter was wonderful. Every time I started reading I just flew through the pages. It was funny, alice was a relatable character, and herr thoughts could just feel so familiar. 


And then we have the other characters. Kat was amazing! I loved everything about her. Her introduction already made me love her. And then some later background information about her I didn't expect at all... It was so good!

And there's Cole, whom I also couldn't help but love. You can't resist the violet eyes... 


Moreover, I thought the plot was worked out very well, and there were a few references in the beginning that finally lead to the ending. I believe those who didn't like this novel basically didn't like it because they expected something different. If you don't go into the novel with these expctations, you'll probably love it as much as I did!