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Stunning - Sara Shepard

*could contain spoilers from previous books in the Pretty Little Liars series* 


Stunning is the eleventh book in the Pretty Little Liars series. In this review, I will mainly be ranting. However, don't get me wrong on this, I still like the books, I just think they're getting a little repetitive. 


First things first: the plot.Each book starts with a kind of flashback, which I think is pretty cool. I always love the start of a Pretty Little Liars book. However, then it continues and the plot is almost always the same: they know there is another A, but at first, he/she doesn't do much. Later, they get a note, and start suspecting someone, from whom I can at the very beginning tell isn't A. However, the liars always keep suspecting him/her till the end, or somewhere close.

As a reader, this plot could become very very boring. We all knew Kelsey wasn't A, right? And still, all liars suspected her or at least considered she could be A for approx. a day. Only Emily doesn't suspect people that easily, but this is only because she still thinks Ali is A. Don't get me wrong on this, I still en

joy reading books in this series, but I'm just waiting for the real plot twist to come.


Now more about the characters. I used to like reading from Spencer's point of view, but I don't anymore. The main thing her life revolves around now are drugs, and I just don't like the way she handles things. Moreover, all the things that happened to her weren't a surprise to me, not at all. I just knew it was going to happen, because it was predictable. I really hope Spencer is going to change back into the person she was, because she is certainly my least favourite liar at the moment.
However, in this book, I did like Hanna a lot. In contrast to Spencer, Hanna is the character whom I did not really liked at first, but do like most now (by this, I only mean reading from her viewpoint, I still like Ems best ;)). I just think her plot was way more interesting, and although I didn't find a major plot twist in her "story", there were a few unexpected things. The same goes for Ems and her little baby. However, I don't think there was a major event in Ems's "story", except for her baby, so that as well disappointed me a little.
As for Aria, the plot was okay. I liked the secrets and the way A played her, since I found a few twists here I didn't expect at all. Also, I start liking her character more and more, which is also because of Noel Kahn.

You probably wonder why I still read Pretty Little Liars. That is very simple: I still enjoy reading it. Yes, some things annoy me and yes, some things get a little too repetitive, but no, this doesn't stop me from reading it. Pretty Little Liars is just a series I want to finish, and whenI read it, it's just very relaxing. I don't have to think much (it's not like I will be able to figure out who A is anyways) and just enjoy their problems. Mean, right? But it is the truth. I do like the things that happen, I just wished they wouldn't happen to them. That is the thing that bothers me most of all: it keeps happening to them. Why not someone else? Why not write a new series? I'm hoping to get the answer in the last book called Vicious! (By the way, It bothers me in some way, but if it happened other wise, I wouldn't have liked it either. I don't want a story without the four liars, I mean, we all love them, right? ;))

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to those who, just like me, can't just stop reading a book without getting answers, or those who are just really patient. If you really hate a long series, without getting answers to your questions, I would recommend you to stop reading after the eighth book.